Bach Bucks Rewards

Bach Bucks Rewards Program


The Bach Bucks Program is a motivational tool for students ages 5-12. This program is available as an option to parents who may decide whether or not this would be an effective tool for their child. Those enrolled in the program are given the opportunity to earn Bach Bucks which can be used to purchase items in the Bach Bucks Store once per month.

Typical store items include board games, crafts, jewelry, books, sport toys, Legos, nail polish, candy, gift cards, stuffed animals, and much more. Bach Bucks are awarded by the instructors for a variety of reasons – mostly pertaining to assignments completed at home.

The fee to enroll in the Bach Bucks Program is $6 per month. The idea is that each student should earn back at least that much in store merchandise each year if they are keeping up on their assignments.

The door to the Bach Bucks Store is kept closed at all times so students who are not enrolled have no idea it exists! If you would like to enroll your child in this program, please just let us know.