music lab

The Music Lab at Expressions Music Academy


Education experts agree that students absorb information better when they receive it in different ways. With this in mind, Expressions Music Academy caters to the educational needs of students by offering music instruction with a teacher and time in our Music Lab enjoying a variety of activities and using specialized music education apps on our iPads.

The programs on the iPads in our lab reinforce music theory, ear-training, music history, composition, and general music foundations such as note-reading and rhythm learned in the lesson room. With so many different apps, it is easy to find a program to accommodate different student ages, levels, skills, and instruments. Each game also provides an interactive experience that makes learning these musical concepts fun and engaging.

The Music Lab also features a practice keyboard with headphones and other activities including educational music videos, coloring worksheets, games, cards, books, and an instrument exploration station! Each student is entitled to 30 minutes in the Music Lab either before or after their regular weekly lesson. Siblings are also welcome to enjoy the Music Lab during the lesson with adult supervision. Use of the Music Lab is included in the tuition fee. Instructors may assign specific programs or the students may be allowed to choose which apps they would like to use. If any student ever needs help in the lab, our friendly front desk staff is always available to assist.