Piano Lessons in Novi and Troy

PianoPiano lessons are the foundation of learning music, especially for beginners. The development of theory, note-reading, ear-training, rhythm, proper technique, and musicianship provide a comprehensive knowledge of music that can later be applied to any instrument and style of music. We recommend 4-5 years as the earliest age to begin private piano lessons as a longer attention span and the ability to retain materials is becoming more natural at that age.

We offer piano lessons to students of all abilities in all styles from beginners to very advanced students. We have a variety of students – some who want to play just for fun and some who shine in festivals and competitions. Our students always have a say in which type of repertoire they play – we have many students who prefer classical music while many students prefer more contemporary or popular styles of music.

Regardless of repertoire choice, all students’ training will be founded with proper technique to create a beautiful tone and ease of movement. We also have many adult piano students who have a variety of goals. For younger students, parents are welcome to drop their child off for lessons, sit in the waiting area or observe the lesson in the teaching studio.

It is necessary for each student to have access to an acoustic piano or a digital keyboard with 88 weighted keys to practice on each day. Each student is encouraged to purchase an acoustic piano if possible, since nothing can take the place of its touch and sound. Please let us know if you would like suggestions or recommendations when deciding what to purchase.