Recording Studio

Expressions Music Academy Recording Studio


Expressions Music Academy now offers the opportunity for students to create their own professional-quality recordings!

(Our Recording Studio is located in Novi, MI)

At the Expressions Recording Studio students can fulfill their dream of being on the radio, celebrate learning a piece to perfection, or bring a group and have fun making music with friends. The possibilities are endless! These recordings can then be made into CDs as gifts for their family and friends, put on Facebook or other websites, or kept as a personal memento. Students can document their musical growth over time by recording a piece every year and showing their progression through repertoire. If students have a larger project, they can complete their tracks in one or two longer recording sessions. Not only do students come away with a finished product of their own music, but they also gain the experience of working with a professional sound engineer in a professional recording studio.

There is no greater motivation to polish those music pieces than an upcoming recording session! Explore some of the potential projects and check out a few of our song samples to learn more about our Recording Studio and the work we have done with our students already.

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