I have been living and breathing music since I was a little kid. It started with blasts of Dixieland trumpet from my dad’s den. He didn’t always hit the notes, but when he did I was hooked.

My brother was my next and probably most profound influence. He started piano in his early teens and became very accomplished later in high school, by which point he had composed a full suite for the school’s symphonic band that won first place at the State PTA Reflections Contest.

I began to notice drums/percussion sticking out more in the music I was listening to. The rhythms got me and I started tapping on everything. My parents noticed this and felt it was time for an instrument. I entered 6th grade band as a prospective percussionist, got my first drum set a year later and never stopped playing.

I played drum set day and night, trying to copy the drummers in my favorite bands (too many to list here). I started taking lessons with Dave Taylor, one of Detroit’s best (still!), and watching every instructional VHS (yes, VHS) I could.

My brother taught me how to read and write music, and in my junior year of high school, I followed in his brilliant footsteps and wrote and directed a percussion ensemble piece that went on to win first place at the State PTA Reflections Contest.

I went on to study classical percussion and drum set at Michigan State University, later transferring to Wayne State University on scholarship so I could be in an environment to perform and teach more. Since then, I’ve been maintaining a busy performing and teaching career throughout Michigan and beyond.

I always had great music instructors who taught me not only how to become proficient on my instrument, but also how to pass music along to others. They were more than music teachers – they were mentors and life coaches. I guess that’s why I love teaching. I get to do for others what they did for me. I look forward to sharing music with you…

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