AGM Student Registration Form

The 2019 AGM competition will be held on the weekend of April 26-28 at a location in the Metro Detroit area TBA. For more information, please check out our information handout here.

*If you would like to register more than one student in your family, please fill out one form for each student.

**REGISTRATION DEADLINE: The deadline to register is January 31, 2019. No registrations will be accepted beyond this point.

Student's Name *
Student's Name
If the student plays more than one instrument, please indicate here which instrument you are registering them to perform on in AGM.
Student's Birthdate *
Student's Birthdate
*Include any months of lessons before you enrolled at Expressions *Subtract any breaks *Only include lessons taken in THIS instrument *Only include formal private lessons, no group or general music classes *If you aren't sure, please approximate
This is required information to include with your registration. AGM provides a t-shirt for each student every year.
Category Selection Agreement *
We will gather recommendations from teachers for all participating students in the next few weeks. Most students simply allow their teacher to choose their categories for them. However, if you would like to make any specific requests DESPITE your teacher's recommendations, please indicate your preferences below. Otherwise, we will register you according to your teacher's recommendations.
Categories You Would Like to Participate In *
If you have no preference, please select the top option. Otherwise, select all categories you would definitely like to participate in. If you are new to this competition or have no preference, we recommend you allow your instructor to choose for you (we will ask them for you). Descriptions of all the categories can be found in the information handout linked at the top of this page.
Teachers will select all the categories for their students, and we will also include any you selected above. If there are any categories you would definitely NOT like to be included in (even if your teacher recommends them), please list them here. Otherwise, we will register you for whatever your teacher recommends.
Schedule and Attendance Agreement *
The competition will take place over April 26-28, 2019. Each student's specific performance schedule will be assigned sometime in April, and AGM does not accept schedule requests or adjustments, without exception. You need to leave all your time between April 26 and 28 (Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon) available.
Fee Agreement *
AGM competition charges vary based on a variety of factors (mostly how many categories the student enters), and usually land somewhere between $100-$200 including the $35 processing and registration fee to Expressions. We will include payment for your fees when we send in your registration and then bill your account on file with us for reimbursement.
Cancellation Agreement *
If you cancel your registration after we have sent in your information and fees (typically the first week of February), your fee will not be refundable.
Original Sheet Music Agreement *
AGM requires that each student provide the judge with an original, clean copy of their sheet music. No photocopies are allowed, without exception. We will order these materials for you, but you and your teacher are solely responsible to make sure the order is placed in time. You will need to speak with your instructor about this.
Practice Agreement *
AGM is a prestigious competition, and all students who enter are expected to commit to practicing more than usual. If your child's instructor requests additional practice, you will need to do your best to support your child in meeting these requirements.