Andrea Baquero – Piano

Since I was 5 years old I wanted to be a teacher and performer. I prepared family performances once a week. In the performances I would sing, dance, and play music for my family who always had to pay a ticket to enjoy the show!

Because of my interest in music, when I was 7 years old, my mom enrolled me in a music school. When the time came to choose an instrument, they asked if I preferred piano or guitar. I really liked both instruments a lot but I thought pianists had beautiful hands while guitar players –and the only guitar player I’ve ever seen closely was my uncle- had fat fingers, so that sealed the deal for me. I wanted to play the piano!

That’s how I was introduced to a formal musical training. Ever since, I’ve kept exploring music, not only with piano, but with the sound of the guitar, ukulele, recorder, Colombian traditional instruments and voice. Some instruments I’ve studied formally for many years and some instruments I’ve learned by myself. In 2005 I received my MA degree in Classical Piano and Music Education in Colombia, followed by an MA in Journalism in 2007.

Because of my love of music and drive for sharing knowledge, I’ve always been in love with teaching. In 1996, while still a teenager, I began my career as a music teacher at the Yamaha Music School and the Piccolo Academy of Music in Bogotá, Colombia. I taught piano, music theory, choir, and introduction to music. Since then, I’ve continued to perform as a pianist and singer around the world as well as participating in choir and piano competitions. I’ve also continued my formal training as well as my work promoting and educating children and adults in the world of music.

In 2008 I left my native Colombia to visit my best friend who lived in New York and fell in love with the City. New York felt like home. The big apple is the perfect place for an artist who wants to grow and explore new sounds and forms of expression. It is the place where I got to meet my favorite musicians, and have conversations with them. In fact, besides studying with them, I taught music to the children and grand children of my favorite artists!

I have taught and performed music for over 20 years, my fingers are still fat, but my love of music and teaching is still growing. Besides teaching and performing, I like to spend time in nature and helping animals in need.

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