Availability and Cancellations: Please read this section carefully, as it outlines your responsibility for providing at least one week notice of a cancellation and the consequences for failing to do so.  In essence, EMA wants to make the process as easy as possible for you and has provided you with two options, in the event you need to cancel:

  1. If you provide EMA with one week’s advance notice that you cannot attend a lesson  (and do not want to find a substitute or otherwise reschedule), then EMA will assume the responsibility of finding another contractor to perform the lesson, without any cost to you. 
  2. If you identify a substitute teacher to EMA at least one week in advance of the lesson, however, and that substitute performs the lesson, then there will be no change in your compensation and room rental fees under the Agreement.  Keep in mind that if you find a substitute, you must provide EMA with the individual’s name and contact information.  You must also commit to coordinating with the substitute to make sure he/she knows the schedule, lesson details, and student information, and you must also compensate the sub outside of EMA according to your own arrangements with that person. If you do not know any subs to hire, you are welcome to use our Contractor Sub List.

If you fail to provide notice of cancellation (this includes tardiness) or name of contractor at least one week before the lesson, then you will be charged the room rental fee for the cancelled times, regardless of whether EMA is able to secure another contractor.

*Please do not notify students of cancellations on your own. We will notify them via email, text, and paper notices.

Are you providing notice of cancellation at least one week prior to the lesson, as required by the contract? *
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I understand that my failure to provide notice one week in advance of the lesson being declined/cancelled for reasons prompted by me will result in my being charged for the room rental fee for the date and time of the original lesson.