choir programs for ages 5-14

Does your child LOVE to sing?!




 What are Expressions Show Choir Classes?


  If your child really loves to sing, you won’t be able to find a better class to help build their confidence and grow their skills and passion! Our show choir classes are fun and relaxed performing groups with a focus on education and encouragement for beginning and more experienced students alike. In Tiny Expressions (ages 5-7), Expressions of Glee (ages 8-10), and Intermezzo (ages 11-14), students prepare vocal music and light choreography and movement for a showcase concert at the end of the session. Students are given the opportunity to audition for solos, learn harmony and parts, and work as a team in making creative decisions about choreography and other performance details. Classes include a variety of activities to keep the kids moving, engaged, and excited, and songs are taught using a variety of methods appropriate and accessible for music beginners. Music for each session always includes some popular selections that students LOVE to sing!






 Registration for the Summer 2017 Session is OPEN! 


*The summer session meets the first week of June through the last week of August



 Please note that registration is only open during the first three weeks of the start of the session. We cannot accept new students into any session after that point. Registration is limited, and based on a first-come, first-serve basis.






TROY Expressions of Glee - Mondays 6:15-7:30 PM



NOVI Expressions of Glee - Tuesdays 6:15-7:30 PM


*Expressions of Glee is for ages 7-11




Who Can Join?

Any new or current Expressions students ages 5-14 are welcome to join a show choir class within the first three weeks of any session. Students are welcome to join even if they do not know how to read music or have never attended a music/singing class in their life! While these groups are performance based, Expressions specializes in education and will prepare students regardless their experience or level.

What Type of Songs do Students Learn?

The director chooses age appropriate music that is fun and educational! Most sessions include both arrangements of popular songs that many students love, along with selections that many students will hear for the first time!

Solos, Harmony, and Choreography

Students are given the opportunity to participate in friendly, lighthearted, and encouraging auditions in every session, and the chosen soloists are coached by the director. Expressions explores light harmony and singing in parts. Tiny Expressions, Expressions of Glee, and Intermezzo add custom choreography and movement to make every song a showstopper!



Every session ends in an impressive, fun, and free showcase concert for all groups! Students get to show off all their hard work to their families and friends with a one of a kind performance. Concert attire includes black pants and an official Tiny Expressions, Expressions of Glee, or Intermezzo t-shirt which is $15 and can be used for all subsequent sessions.

Class Fees

Tuition varies from session to session depending on the length. Class fees typically fall around $16-$20 per class, or less for the early bird price. Tuition is billed electronically through a credit card or checking account either in monthly installments throughout the session or upfront in full (your choice) and includes all materials and the concert.

Meet Our Dynamic Director!

Mr. Jesse Torres

Jesse Torres has a rich and solid musical background and experience. He has been a church musician, choir director/conductor, music teacher, and mentor-teacher for many years now. Jesse was involved in numerous stage musical performances both as a performer and as a director. He is innovative in his approach to the art of stage performing which includes but not limited to stage set, lighting design, costume, choreography, and musicality. Jesse is an educator (a certified teacher) by trade and a choral director by passion. He believes that the only thing better than singing and performing is more singing and performing.

Enrolling your child in an Expressions show choir group is a perfect way to help them explore their love for singing, learn basic singing techniques, build confidence on and off the stage, create music in a supportive setting, and make friends!

Novi Location
Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm | Sunday: 12pm-5pm
43370 W. 10 Mile Rd. Novi MI 48375
Mon-Tue-Thu: 2pm-9pm | Saturday: 9am-2pm
Wed, Fri, and Sun: CLOSED
9357 General Drive Plymouth MI 48170
Troy Location
Mon-Fri: 9am-9pm | Saturday: 9am-5pm
Sunday: Closed
4000 Livernois Rd. Troy MI 48098