Debi Szeliga – Piano

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to music, particularly the piano. Growing up as the youngest of three, I grew up watching my older siblings excel at sports, academics, leadership, dance, etc. I would go with my parents to their events and cheer them on because I was too young to take part.

As I grew older, it was my turn to find my niche. When I was seven years old, I was invited by my parents to select something that I wanted to do. Hmmmm…….nope…….nope…..swimming …..nope……piano…..well, let’s give this a try. I loved my lessons every week and very much enjoyed learning to uncover these hidden little secrets that made piano playing possible. I’ve always loved puzzles, and the piano was the ultimate puzzle to me. How do I put all of these pieces together to make one beautiful piece of music?

Music has always been a part of my life. Though none of my family members actively play an instrument, my parents have a huge love for classical music. I grew up listening to the classics of Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms…etc. I will always be grateful to them for showing me the beautiful language of music.

In high school, I began to study piano with a new teacher, the Music Director at my home parish. It was he and my parents that encouraged me to try this crazy instrument that has not one keyboard, but upwards of four or five. And….what….a pedal board? I have to play these keys with my feet? Talk about a new puzzle to conquer. I began to take private lessons on the piano and the pipe organ. Two lessons a week, twice the challenge. But, I was up for it!

Upon graduation of high school, I could not imagine doing anything other than music. I pursued further musical studies at Wayne State University in Detroit. In 2002, I graduated with my Bachelor of Music Degree. Within a month, I had acquired a full-time Director of Music position. Funny thing about music, the learning possibilities are endless. I felt like I had more to learn. So, a year later, I began my graduate studies in Music at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. And in 2006, I graduated with my Master of Music Degree. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to pursue higher education in a field of study that I truly love.

I have been lucky enough to share my love of music with a few church communities as their Director of Music. In this role, I have met and accompanied some of the most talented musicians in the Metro Detroit Area. In addition to this responsibility as a director and performer, I have spent some wonderful years teaching young musicians the piano. I have greatly enjoyed my years of uncovering this instrument to anyone with a desire to learn.

As if the story would end there, but there’s still more to learn. A few months ago, I began to study the cello, an instrument I’ve always wanted to learn. Though, my focus of musical study has changed, the piano will forever be my home instrument.

Aside from my musical endeavors, I have the world’s cutest golden retriever (though, I might be slightly biased…) named Oscar and I am happily married to my husband of 8 years, Peter. We pride ourselves in being the best doggie Mom and Dad to our little four legged friend.

It is with great excitement that I look forward to sharing my love of music and the piano with all the aspiring musicians of this area!

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