I was born and raised in Romania and began my piano studies at the age of seven.
During the years, I won several prizes as a piano performer at national and international piano competitions. At the age of fourteen I performed Concerto no.5 in F minor for Harpsichord and string orchestra by J.S Bach at Eurochestries International Youth Orchestra Festival in Charente Maritime, France.
I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Performance at National University of Music in Bucharest, Romania and got my Piano Teaching Certificate from Department for Training the Teaching Staff during this period.
I am comfortable teaching a variety of styles and genres depending on the student’s preferences.My specialties are in piano performance, piano technique and musicality.
The lessons that I teach include piano technique skills, scales, arpeggios, chords, piano finger exercises by C.L Hanon and pieces from baroque, classical, romantic period to pop and modern music.

I am a creative and hardworking young professional teacher focused on the accomplishment of my student’s goals in piano performance. I always have a positive attitude while constantly looking to motivate my students to play music with passion and feeling.
I truly believe that everyone can play like a star but all it takes is to have a little faith, practice and play from the heart.
Maintaining and constantly improving the motivation of every student is my take on how music should serve the well-being of the soul.
Using skills gained through my teaching experience, I want each student to find their own path in playing piano, as each one of us is unique and the only way to get recognized is to always be yourself.