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Am I Too Old To Learn an Instrument?

If you’re wondering if you are too old to start taking lessons, you are not alone!

In fact, that is one of the most common questions we get from interested adults. And it is also one of the greatest myths! Even if you are a complete beginner and have never touched an instrument in your life, it is not too late to learn! While there are differences in the ways that children and adults learn new skills and retain information, this can actually work to your advantage. Here are some of the many reasons why it can actually be easier to learn an instrument as an adult:

Desire to Learn

On the most basic level, one key thing adult beginners have going for them is that they have made the distinct and conscious choice to learn their instrument. Having a genuine interest in learning how to play an instrument makes the process of learning not only more enjoyable for adult students, but also easier and more effective!


Greater Emotional Maturity

Because adults have more life experiences and greater emotional maturity, they are able to connect to the music they’re learning on a much deeper level. This connectedness leads to more expressive, dynamic harrispianoperformances of the music.


Better Concentration and Attention Span

While children may get bored or distracted when trying to focus on one task for too long, adults are typically able to concentrate better for extended periods of time. Because adults have experienced the benefits of hard work and focus, they are more willing to repeat a task until they have mastered it and learned a new skill. This comes in handy both in the lesson room and while practicing at home!


Ability to Quickly Grasp Complex Concepts

Typically, it is much easier for adult students to understand more complex technical concepts, such as music theory. While children may listen to a piece of music and be able to determine whether or not they like it and even whether they connect to it emotionally, adults are more apt to pick up on the patterns and form of the music, which makes for a more interesting performance.


“My only inhibition [when considering taking lessons] was to find a school or instructor that wouldn’t discourage me because of my age. I found the people at Expressions are embracing of all ages.” –Faye


Do Our Teachers Mind Teaching Adults?

Some adults worry that their teacher doesn’t enjoy teaching adult students or finds it to be a hassle. This is not true at all! In fact, our teachers love teaching adult students! Not only do the lessons tend to be more relaxed, but our teachers also appreciate sharing a more sophisticated relationship with their adult students. All of our teachers are incredibly focused on helping their students reach their goals, whatever those may be, and do not believe that any one goal is more important than another.

Some Benefits of Taking Music Lessons as an Adult

∇ Relieves stress and reverses physical damage caused by stress

∇ Improves mood and makes you happy

∇ Keeps your mind sharp and active

∇ Helps improve professional and personal discipline

∇ Staves off memory loss

∇ Increases motor skills

∇ Offsets the deterioration of speech and hearing skills

∇ Boosts confidence and self-esteem

∇ Creates opportunities to find and build community through playing in ensembles, bands, or orchestras

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