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*Note that Gretchen's processing days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4-9pm

The following items should be sent to Gretchen on any of her processing days listed above:

  • Student Cancellations
  • Schedule Changes
  • Recital Bookings
  • Private Lesson Enrollments
  • Private Lesson Returning Enrollments
  • Private Lesson Holds
  • Private Lesson Withdraws
  • LUJ Enrollments
  • LUJ Withdraws
  • LUJ --> Private Lesson Enrollments

*If you are dealing with an enrollment or schedule change of some type, you must place a hold as applicable.

You may forward these items to Gretchen on the days she is not processing ONLY IF the item is not time-sensitive. For example, enrollments or schedule changes should not be submitted to Gretchen if they are set to occur before her next processing shift (or anywhere near it).

Student cancellations that come in on Gretchen's non-processing days should be processed by you.


Schedule change

Recital Booking

Private Lesson Enrollment

Private Lesson Returning Enrollment

LUJ Enrollment

LUJ Withdraw

LUJ --> Private Lesson Enrollment

Private Lesson Hold - Submit photo of form by email

Private Lesson Withdraw - Submit photo of form by email