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Singing or playing a musical instrument is considered a performance art. Recitals in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere give students an opportunity to practice this aspect of their study. Performance etiquette is a learned skill that must be practiced to be mastered. Recitals are also an opportunity for students of all ages and levels to “show off” what they have been learning to their family, friends, and peers. Recitals are a great motivational tool for students and are fun, exciting, and create lasting memories!

Expressions recitals are about as unique as it gets! We offer free recitals every month to our students, and there is no limit as to how many recitals students may attend! We offer a variety of themes so that every student can find the perfect event.

CLICK HERE to view our themes and recital calendar for 2017!

Black Belt Achievement Program


We’ve created an innovative, level-based achievement program for beginners through very advanced students. Since launching the program in 2013 we have received extremely positive feedback and have witnessed students working harder than ever to achieve proficiency in their chosen instrument, while experiencing growing confidence and a great feeling of accomplishment!

What is the Black Belt Achievement Program?

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step." - Lao Tzu

Welcome to your very own musical adventure of achievement! With the guidance of your instructor, the Black Belt program allows you to complete one small step after the next until you can play your instrument better than you ever dreamed. This program will help to motivate you along the way, and remind you that the monumental achievement of mastering an instrument is really just composed of completing one small challenge after the next. Now you can absorb the satisfaction and joy of completing every challenge, and enjoy the journey!

If you or your child enjoys the satisfaction of having a crystal clear, measurable goal and then achieving it and receiving praise and rewards for doing so, you are going to LOVE this program. The Black Belt program is made up of 10 levels, and in order to complete each level, 6 customizable challenges and 3 songs from official Expressions-approved lists must be completed. When new students enroll, they are given their own Black Belt Adventure Guide (a colorful and fun 25 page book) which outlines the challenges and songs available. Here they can track and record their progress, see what challenges lie ahead, and display their stickers and ribbons. Most students are ready to begin working on their Level 1 Black Belt challenges within their first month of lessons, and from there may continue to advance with the ultimate goal of reaching level 10, which consists of a very high level of music knowledge and performance ability appropriate for university auditions in that instrument! Students who transfer to Expressions from other schools or instructors do not need to begin at Level 1, and their instructor may determine their entry level based on their current skill set. This program is designed to be entirely flexible and customizable, and may be used as a supplement or guide for a variety of students with a variety of goals and motivational styles. Some students are motivated by the sheer prospect of advancing levels, others by the challenging, exciting Black Belt challenge songs, and others by the official rewards that come along with passing levels!

What Do Students Earn for Completing Levels?

Within every level, students earn an official challenge sticker to place in their Black Belt Adventure Guide for each of the 6 challenges. Once an entire level is passed, students earn the official colored wristband for that level in addition to the official sticker and ribbon for that level to place in their guide book. Their name is also announced in our monthly newsletter and on our display screen in our waiting room. For completing levels 8, 9, and 10, students also receive trophies. And finally, after completing level 10, students are interviewed and photographed and receive a full spread in our newsletter in addition to having their name engraved on our special Level 10 plaque displayed at Expressions.


Competitions and Testing

For those students who are interested, Expressions does provide opportunities for competition and testing outside of the academy.

Please explore below to learn more.

American Guild of Music Competition

MMTA Piano Testing

Student Evaluations

Every June and December, all Expressions students are given official Student Evaluations from their instructors. This is a great opportunity for instructors and students to reflect on the previous six months and to do some goal planning for the upcoming six months. This is also an effective way to keep parents updated and informed about their child’s progress in lessons.

Please view the Student Evaluations form (PDF form) for more details!

Bach Bucks Rewards Program


The Bach Bucks Program is a motivational tool for students ages 5-12. This program is available as an option to parents who may decide whether or not this would be an effective tool for their child. Those enrolled in the program are given the opportunity to earn Bach Bucks which can be used to purchase items in the Bach Bucks Store once per month.

Typical store items include board games, crafts, jewelry, books, sport toys, Legos, nail polish, candy, gift cards, stuffed animals, and much more. Bach Bucks are awarded by the instructors for a variety of reasons – mostly pertaining to assignments completed at home.

The fee to enroll in the Bach Bucks Program is $6 per month. The idea is that each student should earn back at least that much in store merchandise each year if they are keeping up on their assignments.

The door to the Bach Bucks Store is kept closed at all times so students who are not enrolled have no idea it exists! If you would like to enroll your child in this program, please just let us know.

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