recording studio song samples

Recording Studio Song Samples from Expressions Music Academy

Interested in hearing a few samples of our Recording Studio Projects?

The following selections are from our Demo CD and are just a couple of examples of the different projects students can record here.


Thousand Years By Christina Perri

Artist – Jamie S.

Jamie is a relatively new vocal student at Expressions, and has just finished her first recital performing as part of a trio.


Bubbly by Colbie Caillat

Artist – Julia S.

Julia has been taking private voice lessons at Expressions for 2 years and is an avid performer during our recital seasons. She also competes in the annual American Guild of Music vocal competitions each spring, as well as attends Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp during the summer


Piano Solo – One Track Project
Amber Glow by Robert D. Vandall

Artist – Eric M., 7
Eric has taken piano lessons for one year and prepared this piece for the American Guild of Music Competition in April 2013.


Undercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club

Artist – Ellie O. and Friends

A small cover project performed by a student band. Ellie and her friends previously performed this song in a talent show, prompting their decision to come in to Expressions and record it.


Trumpet Duet – Two Track Project

Minuet by G. F. Handel

Artist – Mary H., 12
This duet between Mary and her teacher, Ms. Becky, is a great example of how two different people can each make a single track and our sound engineer can put them together to create a single recording. Mary has taken lessons for a little over a year.


Misery Business By Paramore

Artist – Alison A., 13
For our vocal students, we offer the option of setting your voice over a backing track. This two track project creates a radio quality sound that is perfect for sharing! This particular recording uses a karaoke style track to support the voice, but piano or guitar accompaniment could also be used. Alison is an Expressions original and has taken lessons for over two years.


Guitar Trio – Three Track Project

Minuet in G by Bach

Artists – Jenna K., 10 and Maya S., 12
This guitar trio is an example of a three track project. Maya, who has taken lessons for 10 months, covers the lead and rhythm parts. Jenna, with 6 months of lessons, covers harmony. This type of recording can be done with a single individual or be split up between several friends!


Clarinet Solo with Accompaniment – Two Track Project

Rondo by Karl Stamitz

Artist – Robert C., 12
For students who require piano accompaniment, a two track project is the best choice! The piano part is recorded along with the soloist, creating two separate tracks that can be balanced and configured to produce a professional sound. Robert has taken lessons at the studio for 10 months.


Original Composition: Piano Solo – One Track Project

Rythmus by Timothy Lowrance

Artist – Tim L., 18
Another Expressions original, Tim has been exploring music for the past 10 years. Not only does he play piano, but he also writes his own music! This is on of the many tracks he created through the Expressions Recording Studio, with the final product being a full album filled with both original works, arrangements, and other traditional classical and contemporary pieces.

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