Romulo Sprung - Violin and Viola

When I was eight years old, I told my parents that I wanted to start learning the violin. They didn’t take it very seriously, as I was one of those children who would start a hobby and drop it shortly after, so they decided to wait and see if this was just another one of those moments or if I was actually interested. It took me around a year between the first time I had told my parents about my desire to start learning it and my first violin lesson. During that year, I started saving some money that my grandmother would give to me every time I saw her, and used that money to buy a violin. It was’t a very good violin, even for a beginner level, but since that was pretty much my very first big purchase, I was proud to have it and even more excited to start lessons. This action also convinced my parents that I was being serious about learning how to play the instrument.

My first violin teacher was a Suzuki Method teacher, and probably the only Suzuki certified teacher at the time in Brazil. She is this amazing Japanese woman who had lessons and classes with Dr. Suzuki himself back in Japan when she was young. During the seven years I studied with her, completing all the Suzuki books, she prepared me for junior national competitions, one which I won 1st place, as well as getting into college and was always guiding and encouraging me to grow as a violinist and as a person. To this date I am extremely thankful for everything she has done, including training me to be a certified Suzuki teacher.

Going to college was great and it felt like a dream coming truth, it was like being in a big music festival that lasted for four years. My violin teacher there, Fredi Gerling, was the teacher that every violinist seeking to be a professional wants to have. My time studying under his tutelage is something that I will always carry with me, as he transitioned me to a whole new level of violin playing and prepared me to have a career with the instrument. His violin knowledge and pedagogy were characteristics that have always impressed me, and a lot of the things I learned from him I use with my own students. During my time in college, Dr. Gerling also appointed me as one of the violin teachers for the pre-college program at the university, being able to start my experience teaching adolescents.

Being a violin student in Brazil gave me enough opportunities to play in master classes and lessons for very influential people in the music scene. I played for Shlomo Mintz, Miriam Fried, Shmuel Ashkenazy, Andres Cardenes and many others, but I knew I had to go further in order to pursue my career as a violinist, so I came to the U.S. in 2011 after finishing college, on a full scholarship at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, for my masters degree in violin performance. I stayed in Pittsburgh for three years, playing in orchestras like the Wheeling Symphony in WV, Altoona Symphony and Johnstown Symphony. While at Duquesne, I served as the concertmaster for the Duquesne Symphony Orchestra and won the Duquesne University Concerto Competition twice. I was also appointed as the graduate assistant for String Tech classes, teaching violin to Music Education degree students.

After Pittsburgh, I moved to Chicago in 2014 to start my Performance Diploma in violin at the Roosevelt University. I was student of Yuan-Qing Yu, the assistant concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Yu was a very important pillar for my playing, she showed me everything that it needs to take in order to be a professional violinist. After completing my degree, I moved to Detroit and received this exciting opportunity to be a teacher at Expressions, where I look forward to developing a great connection with my students so they can have a fun experience learning the violin.

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