Please submit this form if you are cancelling a lesson.

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If you opt to create Video Lessons, you will be paid as usual as long as the following criteria are met: - The videos are 10-20 minutes long - The videos are filmed in the regular lesson room for that day's lessons - The videos are submitted within 48 hours of the regularly schedules lessons - The students agree to this arrangement In the case that a student does not agree to this arrangement, we will place the student with a substitute or give them a make-up pass for the day and you will not be paid for that lesson. In the case that you opt to use a substitute, you will not be paid for the cancelled lessons.
If opting to use a substitute, have you identified a specific person you would like to teach your lessons?
Please note that all substitutes at Expressions must be employees from the official Substitute Teacher List.
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Name of Recommended Substitute
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