1. Please submit the cancellation form below at least one week prior to your cancellation. When you provide us with at least one week’s notice, you have the option of identifying your preferred substitute from the Substitute Teacher List with a greater possibility of that substitute being available to cover for your lessons. If you provide less than one week’s notice, then EMA will take into consideration your preferred substitute but may need to find an alternate, depending on schedules and availability. If there is no available substitute, we will cancel your students’ lessons and provide them with make-up passes.

  2. Please limit your cancellations to no more than three times per year for each day you are scheduled to work.

  3. You will not be paid for lessons that you cancel and do not work.

  4. When you cancel a lesson, regardless of timing, you must complete the Teaching Notes for Substitute form. EMA will then send the substitute your notes and any other pertinent schedule information. Filling out the teaching notes form is a requirement, and you will be compensated $1 per student for your notes.


Substitute Teacher List - Please use this when identifying your preferred substitute

Cancellation Form - Complete this form whenever you need to cancel a lesson

Teaching Notes for Substitute - Please fill out at least three days before the date of your cancellation, if possible

*NEVER notify students of cancellations on your own. We will notify them via email AND TEXT.