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Adam james

Hello! I’ve been into music since I was about 10 years old, learning any instrument and style I could until narrowing my focus to drums and percussion. I studied classical and jazz performance at Michigan State University and then moved on to Wayne State University so I could begin performing throughout the metro Detroit area. I’ve been teaching drums and percussion since late high school, and I joined the EMA team in June of 2015. 

Music has always been my greatest love, and teaching music gives me the opportunity to connect with others on a deeper intellectual and spiritual level and to serve the best way I can. I try to embrace each student’s own learning style and unique musical/artistic interests and treat them as my fundamental equals with specific needs they’ve come to fulfill. My most inspiring teachers have been not only ambassadors of knowledge and skill, but also caring mentors whose wisdom and counsel broadened my perspective and helped me through life’s many challenges. I thrive on humbly serving others in the same way and can’t wait to meet with and help other teachers through any challenges they have.

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In school, everyone always asked,  “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I have not once changed my answer. My dream was to be a teacher. I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in piano pedagogy. I have since been teaching group and private lessons and really enjoy my time with students.  Joining EMA 3 years ago was a life changing moment. I got the opportunity to teach a variety of students and expand my potential as a teacher.

Last year, I started a teacher discussion group here at EMA. It was a great experience that turned out to be both exciting and helpful. As teachers, we had the opportunity to discuss teaching strategies and difficulties we all encounter in lessons. I am very excited that we now have a new system to help each other. Teaching is not only about your own experiences but also sharing experiences with others. It is important to see from a different perspective and I’ve benefitted significantly from that by talking with peers. I’m looking forward to discussing our experiences and growing as teachers.

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Phone: 248-760-6148

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Mon-Fri: 8-11am

amy antaya

Hi, my name is Amy Antaya and I am one of the Teacher Coordinators at Expressions Music Academy.  I have been a teacher at Expressions since May 2019 and have been teaching privately for about 30 years. I received my Bachelor of Arts with concentration in flute, voice and piano performance from Oakland University and did two years of Masters work at Wayne State University. I have performed my entire life, from playing in pit orchestras, singing in choirs and acapella groups to performing with community orchestras and bands. 

I am so excited for this opportunity to coach and mentor the teachers on my team. I believe that together we can make the private lesson experience enjoyable and most of all fun for our students.  I cannot wait to build on our experiences and grow as teachers.  Music is something that ignites joy within ourselves and being able to share our excitement and love for music with our students is contagious.  I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you.  Let’s put our heads together and be the best teachers that we can be for our students!

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Mon: 9am-1pm; Tue: 9am-2pm

Sat: 9-11am & 3-5pm

Hsin Ju Yu

I started to learn violin and piano when I was five. I am a violin, viola and piano teacher and an active performer as a soloist, chamber and orchestra musician. I have performed many diverse concerts in US including performed at Carnegie Hall, and I have performed in different concert halls in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Italy, and Australia. I attended and performed in musical festivals including the International Academy of Music in Italy, Texas Music Festival in Texas, Summit Music Festival in New York, and the Cello Plus Annual Festival in East Lansing. I love to share music with people, so I participate in lots of educational music concerts in different schools with different ensemble to introduce and promote classical music to the next generations. I have worked with students of different ages in many settings, including coaching chamber music, teaching group technique classes, and private lessons. My students have gone on to major in music performance and have won many music competitions. I started to teach at Expressions Music Academy in the Novi location from 2017.

I believe that each student needs a different approach. My goal is to help students complete as many music achievements as possible. And I hope they will love to learn music whether they want to be professional musicians or not in future. I am very excited to share my musical thoughts with all of you and for all of us to learn and grow together as teachers!

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Jason Cash

Hello! My name is Jason Cash and I teach Low Brass at Expressions! I have been here since 2013 and came aboard right as I was graduating with my Master’s degrees from the University of Michigan where I studied Trombone Performance and Pedagogy, as well as Chamber Music. I have been teaching music privately for about 12 years and have taught extensively Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, and Trumpet, as well as Voice. I am original from Oklahoma, and did my Undergraduate study at Oklahoma State University where I studied Trombone and Voice Performance and Pedagogy. 

Along with performing, one of my passions has always been teaching, especially getting to collaborate with other talented teachers and educators. I find that there is a unique give and take in the music world not only with performing, but teaching as well! One of my goals is to constantly keep growing and evolving as an educator and teacher, as well as to help others grow in their talents and teaching. I aim to be flexible as a teacher and always look to help my students on a one on one basis. I really look forward to collaborating with everyone on the team and getting to know you and work with you!

Phone: 734-546-1933

Email: jmcash@umich.edu

Office Hours:

Mon: 8-10pm; Tue: 9am-4pm; Thu 7-10pm

Other times as needed! I will be flexible based on your schedule!

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Phone: 734-262-4005

Email: jessicabviolin@gmail.com

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Mon/Thu: 12-3pm; Sat: 7-9am

Jessica Bushkuhl

Jessica Bushkuhl has over a decade of experience as a private teacher, public school teacher, and professional violinist. A state-certified music teacher, she directed middle through high school orchestras and bands and taught PK-8th grade vocal and general music. As a professional violinist, Jessica has played with orchestras throughout Michigan and Ohio and currently enjoys playing violin with the Jackson Symphony. Jessica is a string instrument specialist, and is registered for Suzuki Violin training in books 1-8. Jessica has been teaching violin lessons at EMA since April 2017 and loves seeing her violin students learn and grow!

The best part of working at EMA is getting to know the other teachers and share ideas! I like how the other teachers bring their varied experience to the job. In addition to having experience teaching many instruments and voice, I also have lots of experience working with different people! Whether the students or the parents, I can give advice on how to interact with them or even to know what may be “normal.” I would love to help you with not only “what” to teach but more importantly the “how” to teach using some of my experience in best practices in music education. I look forward to getting to know the other members of the purple team! 

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Phone: 319-383-1763

Email: jessicarayking@gmail.com

Office Hours:

Sun: 12-2PM by appointment

Mon: 2-4PM in Troy

Wed: 9-11AM by appointment

Thurs: 2-3PM in Novi Studio B

Fri: 9-11AM by appointment

Jessica King

Hello all! My name is Jessica Ray King and I am thrilled to be the Green Team’s TC! I hold a Chamber Music Certificate from the Saarburg International Festival & School, an M.M. in Viola Performance from CMU, and a B.A. in Music & B.A. in English with Honors from the University of Iowa. While at CMU I served as renowned pedagogue David Holland's graduate assistant. I currently serve as Health & Wellness Editor for the AVS Journal and am the co-founder of District 221 Chamber Music Society.  I’ve performed and taught professionally for 15 years throughout the US and Europe and have been at EMA since 2017 where I teach all levels of violin and viola as well as beginning-intermediate piano.  

I have been fortunate to hone my teaching style for the past two years at EMA, maintaining a studio that averages 50+ students of all levels of violin, viola, and piano. I strongly believe that we are all creators and that the arts are an undeniable outlet for self-expression and an instiller of self-confidence and self-worth. I radiate this sentiment to each of my students, targeting their specific goals and needs from the very first lesson. I aim to transfer these same conceptions to our team; I am here to share my own organizational skills/materials, advice, experiences, and support. I am also here to learn from your own experiences and teaching styles! Together we are an incredible team.

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Kwamise Taylor

I have been teaching with Expressions Music Academy, as a piano instructor, since December 2015. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Music Education, a Master's Degree in Conducting, and am currently a Doctoral Candidate at Oakland University. 

One of my personal principles is to help others become the best at whatever they aspire to be. I find great joy in collaborating with students, teachers, and staff to develop a plan for improvement in their work product and/or personal goals. We are in this thing together! Iron sharpens iron. I look forward to us making each other better and creating great team synergy.

Phone: 248-470-2380

Email: kwamise.taylor@gmail.com

Office Hours:

Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri: 12-2pm; Sat: 3-5pm