Video Make-Up Lesson Request

Fill out the form below if you would like to receive a video make-up lesson from your teacher

  • Video make-ups are 10-20 minute custom lesson videos created by your teacher in your regular lesson room during your absence

  • Video make-up lessons are typically emailed to you within several days of your regularly scheduled lesson

  • Students who cancel and submit this form with at least 1-hour notice are eligible to receive a Video Make-Up Lesson

  • Students who cancel with at least 24-hour notice will automatically be given a make-up pass to use for a regular make-up lesson UNLESS a Video Make-Up Lesson is requested alternatively.

If you have cancelled a lesson which is at least 1 hour into the future and would like to request a Video Make-Up Lesson, fill out this form:

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Date Lesson Cancelled
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Are there any specific requests you have for your teacher regarding this Video Make-Up Lesson? Is there anything in particular you would like them to cover? If not, no worries! They will know what to do.