Viorica Burca

I remember the day of September the 15th when I was taken to school by my father. It was a music gymnasium, a state run school with huge emphasis on music, located in an old, stone monastery. The halls were dark and empty and I could hear the sound of various instruments from different practice rooms, but I had no idea what I was doing there. I was scared to death…until I met my piano teacher, Miss Surianu, a young teacher who welcomed me with a sweet smile. She opened the piano lid, showing me the instrument and the sounds it made and played a piece for me. All the piano practice rooms were well lit and the windows were large facing the courtyard. That’s where we had general assembly. I loved my piano room. It had number 36 above the door, and it was on the 2nd floor. I spent 12 years in that school, being immersed twice a week in theory and piano lessons, later in harmony, choir, history of music, and ensemble.
The old school was tough because, contrary to how music is presented and taught to children in the United States of America, the study of music was thought of very seriously, and the demands for practice, practice, practice were great. Experiencing the joy of music came mostly after a good performance, which was required monthly, followed by a yearly exam.
At home, my father, a fashion designer who once wanted to be an opera singer, used to compete vocally with his singer clients. We always had music at home. Interestingly, when my father and his clients were singing they were truly happy…why not me? The many hours of practice enforced by my father however paid off later, when I matured. By the time I graduated from high school. I didn’t wish to do anything else but music. Looking back I can say it took me a while…but I am really grateful that my father stood behind me and made me practice even when I didn’t want to because he saw my potential and had a vision for me.
During the years at the Conservatory I had opportunities to extend my musical knowledge in the community, teaching music to children at church and putting together musical programs. For the first time I could see how I can share what I had learned and I tried to find more practical and “pleasant” ways to teach. At this time I could really say I thoroughly enjoyed what I was doing, and so did “my children”.
A few years later, in the United States I had the privilege to add to my “rigorous” methods the easy going, inviting and inspiring ways to present music to children. Being part of a church with high musical standards really helped. I did my best to participate in all musical functions as I could as well as all children classes, where I learned how to be the teacher I am today. I also had the privilege to study with the world renowned voice coach Eugene Bossart, as well as Mary Siciliano, my piano instructor and mentor from Oakland University, where I recently graduated with a Masters in Music Pedagogy degree.
The students who come for any type of music lessons have no idea what gifts are hidden inside them, and what worlds can unfold before them. It is so fascinating to tap into that which the student has, to mold it, to stretch it, to guide it so he or she can see it, hear it, feel it, to make it alive! That’s empowering, and that’s what I hope to impart in my students!

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