At Expressions, we are extremely serious about the hiring, training, and ongoing education of our faculty. Amazing instructors are not easy to find, yet we have perfected the art of finding them and only employ the best of the best.

Why OUR Teachers are the Best:

Employee Status:

At most music schools, instructors are employed as independent contractors. This means that the quality of instruction is hit or miss as each instructor is allowed to use whatever teaching practices they like and are legally not allowed to receive training or feedback. Because our teachers are employees, they are happily part of a structured support system which results in consistent quality of instruction across the board.

Hiring & Audition Practices:

We receive hundreds of teaching applications a year, so we are able to choose from the best of the best. All of our instructors are screened, interviewed, and auditioned personally by Jessica Schatz, the owner and a successful piano teacher, and Alex Cook, the Director of Operations whose primary focus since 2013 has been on hiring instructors for EMA. Factors taken into consideration for hiring decisions include higher degrees in music, experience teaching, performance ability, personality conducive to teaching children and adults, teaching philosophy, punctuality and organizational skills, openness to growth, and a commitment to remaining in the area and teaching for EMA long term. We are proud to be able to maintain one of the most rigorous music teacher application and hiring practices in the country.

Comprehensive Training:

Once we have hired a new faculty member, regardless of their credentials or prior experience, we put them through a comprehensive training course including 8+ hours of online videos created by our staff and senior faculty, quizzes, test, and activities, and an orientation with one of our senior teacher staff. While we are already confident that our teachers know what they’re doing, we also believe in growth for every individual who is connected with Expressions, and that includes our faculty. We are always looking to help our teachers increase their knowledge and add to their toolbox of successful student strategies.

Ongoing Coaching & Support:

Finally, once our new teachers graduate from our training course, they are assigned to a teacher team and senior coach. Here they will continue to be monitored, receive personal support whenever needed, be given the opportunity to participate in skill-building activities, and learn from one another.

Abundant Resources:

In addition to providing support via training and ongoing coaching, we also provide an impressive array of resources on our Teacher Resources page, which every teacher is given access to upon being hired. Resources include best practice strategies, tips & tricks for difficult situations, sheet music for every instrument, level, and genre, and much more.

Strong Reputation:

The more we continue to hire impressive and successful instructors, the greater our reputation continues to grow, and the more impressive instructors we attract. Rest assured that we have been devotedly perfecting our art since we opened in 2010, and you are absolutely in excellent hands. This is our service to you, and we love to do it! Thank you so much for entrusting your musical education to us.