Mastering an instrument is one of the most rewarding and also challenging pursuits in life. The process involves discipline, consistent practice, and determination. Along the way, it can be difficult for students or parents to see progress or understand direction as brief notes from teachers can be fuzzy and unclear.

What if students and parents were given a map of the entire journey from first lesson to mastery, and could follow along and be rewarded for every step - all through one simple app? Welcome to the Level Up Music Achievement program: Ten levels of achievement, each with ten challenges customized by the instructor for each students’ unique needs and goals. Exactly one hundred steps from beginning to mastery!


Within the Level Up app, teachers can customize and assign their student a variety of official challenge activities and songs along with custom media files or worksheets. Once a Level Up assignment is given, both student and parents receive a notification in their app, and after it is completed, their progress tracker automatically updates. Parents and students will also be able to communicate with their instructor through the app, set custom practice reminder schedules, view a leaderboard showing the official Level Up ranking of every student at Expressions and around the world, view and listen to all the official challenge songs for every level, and be inspired by the official Hall of Fame section where they can view performance videos and read stories of other Level Up students who have completed the journey all the way to Level Ten.

Best of all, students will be rewarded every step of the way! Rewards like certificates, wristbands, and trophies will be given to the student as each assignment and level is completed, along with stickers to place on their official one hundred-step tracker poster at home.


Level Up was designed for every age, level, and instrument, including adults, brand new beginners, and students who have already had lessons.

Take the mystery out of mastering your instrument!

Find out more about this wonderful program included for all of our students!

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