About our piano program (ages 5+)

Piano instruction is offered as a weekly 30, 45, or 60 minute private lesson. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons are available in a variety of different styles such as classical or more contemporary pop, rock, jazz, or worship music, and we teach traditional notation as well as chord charts and lead sheets. We love to work with both casual and serious learners alike, and are happy to accommodate any unique goal you may bring to us.

piano for beginners

All of our piano instructors love working with beginners, and have experience creating a structured program to help students master all the foundational aspects of not only piano technique, but also rhythm, theory, and reading music. Beginning students at Expressions have a blast playing amazing songs from day one while learning these critical foundations.

piano for experienced students

Whether students come to us with prior experience from another school or teacher, or whether they started with us as beginners and continued to advance, we know how to help them reach their next goal. Intermediate or advanced students learn how to play more challenging music and fine tune and polish their playing by mastering more advanced techniques and theoretical applications. Whether students want to learn a new style, prepare for a competition or college audition, or just keep playing for fun, we have the skills and experience to get them there.


Billy Joel. The Beatles. Elton John. Chopin. Movie and show tunes. We understand you want to play music that you know and love, and we are here to help you! Whatever your goals are, and no matter how busy you are, we will help you get to where you want to be in an encouraging and patient environment. Learn more about our adult music lessons here.

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what sets us apart



We are able to attract the best instructors in the area because they want to teach here. Every one of our instructors has been screened, auditioned, interviewed, and selected to teach our students with the utmost patience and care. It takes a special type of person with a special type of personality to make a great teacher, and we have only those types. All our instructors either hold or are pursuing music degrees in music and all have had prior experience teaching music.


We have many weekday afternoon and evenings and Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon lesson times, and were open all year round, including the summer. If you need to cancel your lesson or change your lesson time, no problem! Our busy families love our convenient unlimited makeup lesson and schedule change policy.


Students want to feel motivated to practice and parents want to see progress, and our optional recitals accomplish both these objectives. We offer a variety of recital options and themes in our very own concert hall every month so you can choose the ideal time to fit into your busy schedule. We pride ourselves on our well-organized, warm, supportive performance events which never last longer than an hour... and they’re entirely free for all involved!


All of our students are given an official Expressions binder and tote bag to carry all of their materials and keep them organized, free of charge. And when your instructor notifies us that you need the next book or an additional book, we will order it for you for convenient pick-up at your next lesson! All starting materials like notebooks, binders, and a tote bag as well as recitals and our Level Up Music Achievement Program are included in the affordable monthly tuition.


No long term quarterly or annual commitments. Students are only committed to a month at time.

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