My son went through three piano teachers, until I found Expressions Music
Academy. We are truly blessed by the experience here.
In just a little over one year, my son has not only learned to play the notes, he is learning proper technique, phrasing and tonality, as well as learning the very important components of music theory and appreciation.
Expressions hits all the right notes for this mom of two happy students. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Expressions Music Academy is a very friendly, organized and phenomenal studio.
I highly recommend Expressions Music Academy to any parent wanting their child to learn music in a fun and motivating environment.
They put me in touch with their guitar instructor, Mike Morgan, and after a few lessons I already have a better knowledge of the basic theory behind what I am learning, and I’m learning the proper techniques on how to play.
Definitely should check Expressions Music Academy out if you are looking for music lessons.
— YC
Expressions is a great place for children to learn music. The instructors are awesome! Very patient, they have a great way to motivate the kids to be as good as they can be. Thank you Becky, Mike, Drew and all the staff at Expressions. Lohann and Lukas can not wait to see you next week :-)
Expressions is a great place for kids to learn to love music! The instructors are young, fun, hip and are great with kids. Expressions has built an amazing system of motivation, reinforcement and rewards that makes kids want to learn and get better all the time. I wish that I had had music classes like this when I was young!
Expressions provides a wonderful environment for all kinds of music - and the teachers are so dedicated to their students and their work. It’s more than that though - certainly it is for the young learner of music, piano and various instruments, but it is a WONDERFUL place for teenagers looking to be a part of something bigger - the show choir is about teamwork and a fun expression of sheer joy - and it has become a great way to make some solid friendships with teens who have similar interests. We love what you’ve become, and what Expressions has offered our daughter! Seems like a second home, sometimes!
My children have been involved at Expressions since they opened .... They have a true love for music! We have referred several families that also have shared in the great experience..... So grateful to the staff for sharing their talent and love for music!
My girls love this wonderful place. Great job.
The friendly and helpful staff at Expressions Music Academy made us feel comfortable the moment we walked through the door. After starting cello lessons, we quickly realized Expressions was exceptional… in their passion for music, love of teaching and excitement for students’ learning. We highly recommend!
Expressions Music Academy is hands down the best place we’ve ever gone for music lessons. Our children play a variety of instruments, and we are able to get quality instruction for each child in the same place and on the same day!! Expressions combines the space and convenience of a free standing studio with the friendliness and warmth that you’d expect one on one in someone’s living room. From the energetic and caring front desk staff to the talented and attentive teachers, the staff make both parents and students feel welcome and cared for. My children take lessons in piano, guitar and saxophone. The instructors keep them challenged and motivated with programs like Bach Bucks, group lessons and practice challenges! For those that want even more, there are opportunities to perform in recitals and compete in yearly competitions. Other pros for me as a parent are the large parking lot, spacious waiting room, free Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee! If you’ve never been there before I would recommend stopping in and taking a tour! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we do.
Expressions Music Academy is an exceptional music studio. It is well-operated and the staff is very professional and courteous. The teachers make learning to play an instrument exciting. My son can’t wait for his lesson each week!
We love Expressions Music. My son has been there for two years. The teachers are awesome, kind and friendly. They are always there for my son every single step of the way. Learning music is fun and exciting at Expressions Music. The teachers try to find different way to motivate students at all time. There is always something new! Expressions Music is my “Number One” recommendation to my friends.
Expressions Music Academy is such a positive and fun experience for my son!
My kids have never been so motivated to practice their instruments! Both their instructors are patient and fun but also hold my kids to high standards of achievement. Expressions Music Academy has a great blend of talent and innovation and I recommend them whenever I get the chance.
Expressions has mastered the art of making music learning fun! My daughter LOVES both her voice lessons and the Glee choir! She is growing in confidence every week.
I started taking violin lessons at Expressions a little over a year ago and can’t believe how much fun I’m having! Daniel is so professional and also makes me feel really comfortable. I look forward to my lesson every week and am so excited to keep growing here.

The staff at Expressions Music is so professional, friendly, and warm! It is obvious how much they love what they do.
I’ve been to several other places to learn how to play the guitar, and none of them even come close to Expressions. The facility is very impressive, the staff seems organized, and my teacher has been really fun to work with.
Expressions is a very welcoming and comfortable place to learn an instrument.
Learning an instrument is tough, but Expressions makes it so much easier!
My son’s teacher has been so supportive and passionate, I can see my son gaining more confidence in his daily life.
Every Thursday the kids get so excited to come to their lesson. It’s the best part of their week!
— MC
My daughter is very shy and I didn’t think we’d be able to find a piano teacher she’d be comfortable with. Ms. Grace has done an incredible job of getting her to come out of her shell.
My daughter started off in the Glee choir and enjoyed it so much that she realized singing is something she wants to pursue.
Learning to play the piano has been something I’ve wanted to do for years, but have never been able to find time in my schedule, or find the right teacher. Expressions has been able to accommodate my busy schedule, and my teacher is not only super talented, but one of the nicest people I know.
The music lab is so nice because it gives my son and I a place to wait and have fun while my daughter has her violin lesson.
Unlike some other places like it, Expressions has an inviting and professional atmosphere. I have told a lot of my friends to check it out for themselves.
My son was playing saxophone at school, but wasn’t feeling motivated to practice. We started coming to Expressions and his attitude has really changed. His teacher gives him manageable goals and songs to play that are fun and challenging. He’s having a much better time in band class now that he feels like he’s good at his instrument.
It’s a great program there and I was happy to tell other people about it.
One of the best things about Expressions is the recitals. Watching my daughter up on stage made all that practice worth it! Everyone in the family loved being there to see her play.
My son and daughter both take lessons with you guys and I just think it’s great that they both like their teachers so much. We think that is really important. It’s hard enough to find one good teacher, so finding two (and on the same day!) is amazing and we are grateful.
— JT
Melissa has been so easy to work with. I took piano lessons when I was a kid, and the teacher was super strict and it just wasn’t a great experience for me. Melissa is a lot more fun to work with, and now that the piano is fun I actually want to play.
I had this guitar teacher before and all he wanted to do was show off how good he was… which made for kind of lousy lessons. George is a great player but whats better about him is that he’s more interested in teaching me and trying to help me get better than trying to impress me with his skills.
When my daughter started voice lessons she wasn’t very confident in her singing. She liked to do it, but I never could have seen her getting on stage to sing in front of people. Ms. Nicolette has been such a supportive teacher and I’ve seen a big change in my daughter’s attitude. When she performed at the recital last spring it was a really amazing moment for her and I have been watching her blossom ever since! THANK YOU to Ms. Nicolette and all the incredible people at Expressions!