Administrative Assistant Job Description and Schedule

May 2019 Opening


expressions music academy is hiring!

Expressions Music Academy is growing and is looking to hire a new administrative team member! We are seeking a friendly person who has a strong ability to complete detailed work, is eager to learn, and is excited to grow with this young company and team of ten other amazing, supportive, and fun administrative/managerial staff. We opened our first location in Novi in 2010, our second location in Troy in January 2014, our third location in Plymouth-Canton in February 2017, and our fourth and fifth locations in West Bloomfield and Rochester Hills this past month. We plan to add another new location within the year and multiple remote locations in the future. As a result, this position has the strong potential to grow into more responsibility and higher pay as it has for the existing staff. We are looking for strong leaders for our quickly growing company, and we take great pride in investing in our each team member as they contribute to our vision, bringing their own vision and unique strengths to the table.

Our history:

Expressions Music Academy is now the largest music school in Michigan and has grown to over 1,800 weekly private students between our five locations. Expressions is an energetic, innovative music school with a growing, friendly community of over 100 highly-qualified instructors and ten other administrative/management staff. We are extremely organized and our admin team handles all of the student recruiting and promotion, registration, scheduling, make-ups, billing, policies, special projects, recitals, and much more. We foster a strong sense of community and teamwork among all of our staff and we place a strong emphasis on the quality of education we offer to our students. Expressions is a cheerful, energetic, fast-paced, fun, and supportive place to work.

basic requirements:

The basic starting responsibilities include:

  • Assisting parents and students on the phone and in person at the front desk

  • Scheduling private lessons and early childhood small group classes

  • Managing electronic communications from students, parents, and teachers with an expectation of prompt reply

  • Processing new student enrollments/basic data entry

  • Assisting with and prioritizing miscellaneous projects and tasks as assigned

The basic requirements include:

  • Reliable transportation

  • Highly organized and detail-oriented

  • A love for working with people

  • Strong basic computer and typing skills

  • Strong writing and verbal communication skills

training provided:

We have a comprehensive training program in place for new members of our admin team. The training program consists of online courses, quizzes, interactive activities, helpful handouts and “cheat sheets”, a welcome packet, and more. Training typically takes about two weeks in total, throughout which constant patient support and coaching is provided. The owner and management team are educators by nature, and we guarantee you will never receive more supportive, fun, creative, or thorough training at any new job!

The available position:

  • Monday 1:00-9:00 PM in Troy

  • Tuesday 1:00-9:00 PM in Novi

  • Wednesday 1:00-9:00 PM in Troy

  • Thursday 1:00-9:00 PM in Novi

  • Saturday 8:30 AM-4:30 PM in Novi

*On rare occasions there will be the need to work in another location for a day, attend a staff meeting in another location, or assist with a recital in our Novi location.

**All members of the admin team are required to attend a video-meeting (from home is fine) every Monday from 12:45-2:00 PM.


Compensation for this position will start at $13/hour. Additional raises and promotions will continue to be granted upon growth with the company. Small monthly goal bonuses, free music lessons, and a small amount of paid time off are included to start. Health insurance and a 3% match retirement plan are included for full-time employees. Bonuses and PTO start small the first year and grow as employees remain with the company.

This is an amazing job:

When you join this team, you’re joining an environment that will leave you feeling fulfilled, excited, and supported every day that you go home. Joining a small team in a small business that is quickly growing gives you the unique opportunity to really make your mark on the company and contribute to the vision and growth through your own creativity and unique skill set. We are just small enough to have a warm, family-like atmosphere while being just experienced enough to have an incredibly strong structure and set of processes in place. The teamwork, camaraderie, and fun, relaxed social environment combined with high expectations for growth and performance, creates an unstoppable combination of success and contentment.

You’ll notice that our application process is more involved than simply submitting your resume. That’s because this job is worth it. If you feel like you would be a good fit for one of these positions and would enjoy it, we highly encourage you to take your shot and fill out the application!

what the current admin team has to say:

Here are testimonials from our current admin team, from those who were just hired to those who have been here nearly the entire time we’ve been open:

Screenshots from our weekly Monday video admin meeting!

Screenshots from our weekly Monday video admin meeting!

As cliche as it may sound, I found a family as well as a terrific job when I found Expressions. I am valued, praised, supported and respected here. Management is always available to help out and my co-workers are always willing to answer questions, help with the workload, or make me smile with a hilarious joke. Team building and personal ownership over the growth of Expressions makes me want to work hard for this company and makes me genuinely care about its success! The culture at Expressions is spectacular. 10/10 recommend!
— Gretchen, Processing Specialist
What’s funnier than a super “angry” person (Mark Schatz, Director of Finance and Facilities) surrounded by a bunch of happy people?!

What’s funnier than a super “angry” person (Mark Schatz, Director of Finance and Facilities) surrounded by a bunch of happy people?!

The work culture here is something that I didn’t believe existed in the professional world. We respect and support one another to no end, and our shared goal of moving the business forward helps drive this positivity. The work itself is exciting, which is indeed hard to find in a job - I would not trade this experience for anything else.
— Josh, Director of Customer Care
Just a little photo shoot to gather some photos for our Facebook page!

Just a little photo shoot to gather some photos for our Facebook page!

Expressions has been an absolute joy to work at. The admin staff does everything as a team, and this is uncommon in a majority of workplaces. When I head in for my shifts, I don’t feel an overwhelming sense of dread. Instead, I feel excited because I know I will be working with people who genuinely care. When a new employee joins this team, they must keep in mind they are also joining a family. Out of all the administrative tasks (phones, emails, processing, etc) that is the most important thing to remember.
— Sarah, Studio Manager and Early Childhood Program Director
Gettin’ more STUDENTS, baby!!!!!!!!!

Gettin’ more STUDENTS, baby!!!!!!!!!

Why do I like working at EMA?

There are so many things that I could list and I would love to do just that! My first draw to working here was for the fact that I would be around music when I worked but there was so much more that EMA has to offer in terms of employment.

The management is great at listening to your thoughts and ideas which in turn makes me feel welcome and like I am contributing. They always let you know where you stand and are very understandable as long as you make the effort to improve.

Everyone that works here at the front desk is awesome, and I mean awesome. This is an amazing environment to be working in. I have never felt like I don’t belong here. Everyone has been nice enough to include me in on everything and I really feel like I am a part of a family.

The benefits are great, you are compensated very fairly and the hours are good as well! When I am here, it does not feel like other jobs where I wanted to go home immediately. I enjoy being here and love to put in the effort at this job because this job GIVES BACK!

I could talk more and more about how amazing this place is but actions speak louder than words. SO apply, and you will never be sorry :)
— Nic, Studio Manager
Doing a little filming for our recital intro video we created!

Doing a little filming for our recital intro video we created!

Coming into Expressions is such a fantastic experience, everyone is so friendly and helpful. The staff at Expressions is always helpful and ready to teach you and make any experience a learning experience. Working here for 3 months has taught me a lot about people skills and organizational skills and also allowed me to use my creative skills every day. You work hard, but everyone is always offering help or offering up a joke to make the busy moments fun. It’s a great creative place to work, with a mixture of things happening every day that keep the job entertaining! If you want someplace to help you grow and figure out your place in life, Expressions is definitely the place to go!
— Monique, Studio Manager and Early Childhood Program Director


Working at Expressions has been the most rewarding experience of my entire career! Being part of such a positive, close-knit, and upbeat team is an absolute blast. I didn’t think that a job could offer any sort of personal fulfillment before I started working here, but EMA has proven that notion wrong time and time again. Every day is filled with fun and exciting challenges, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be here.
— Kyle, Creative Director
Braving the cold for a photo op for our Facebook page!

Braving the cold for a photo op for our Facebook page!

I’ve been a part of Expressions for almost seven years and it has become such a huge part of my life that it’s really hard to overstate how much it means to me. Of all the wonderful things I could say about my time here, maybe the best part is being part of a company that has such a positive impact on so many lives. The music education we provide enriches our community, and as Expressions continues to grow and thrive, our teachers and administrative staff see the fruits of their labor. We are an incredibly joyful, hard working, and passionate group of people and I would never want to work anywhere else!
— Alex Cook, Director of Operations