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Listening is one of the most effective and enjoyable methods of learning music. It not only builds familiarity with various instruments and styles of music, but it also trains the ear and helps to develop strong pitch and musicality. Perhaps most importantly, it fosters an appreciation and love for music from an early age to last throughout a person's lifetime, enriching their life and making it just that much sweeter.

Listening to the playlists below is a critical component of the Level Up Junior Music Program. Please save this web page in your phone or tablet and turn it on frequently at home and in the car! Please note that the lyrics and music have been screened as appropriate for children, but watching the videos themselves is up to the parents' discretion. Please also note that ads may be present at the beginning of some of the songs.

In the playlists below, you will encounter a variety of styles and genres to broaden the scope of musical exposure and give students a chance to develop their own interests and tastes. Feel free to jump around in the playlists and replay your childs' (or your) favorites as often as they'd like! And if you ever have a suggestion for an addition or deletion to our playlists, please do let us know. We welcome your feedback and ideas.


Level 1 - voice

Level 2 - guitar

Level 3 - violin

Level 4 - Flute

Level 5 - DRUMS

Level 6 - saxophone

level 7 - cello

LEVEL 8 - trumpet

level 9 - clarinet

level 10 - piano